Solving the Jigsaw is a multi-award winning early intervention and violence prevention program that works to reduce the incidence and impact of violence and bullying in children’s lives.

Solving the Jigsaw was developed in 1997 by the Centre for Non-Violence (formerly EASE), a domestic violence support service, in response to the devastating statistic that 25 per cent of children and young people in Australia witness violence in their homes.

The program includes classroom programs and the professional development of teachers and others who work with young people to better respond to the emotional needs of children. Over 1,500 teachers have participated in Solving the Jigsaw training to date.

Solving the Jigsaw believes that children have the right to be safe and to feel safe. Violence of any nature, is not acceptable. Solving the Jigsaw works towards shifting a culture of violence to one of well being.

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