Solving the Jigsaw’s training team provides Nationally Accredited Training

1. Professional development training days

The professional development days provide a practical whole school approach to wellbeing, violence and bullying, and offer an excellent training opportunity for implementation of the National Safe Schools Framework. Professional development training is designed for professionals who work with children; including principals, teachers, school nurses, primary welfare officers, well being coordinators, family support and community health workers.

The six professional development days are:

  • Whole-school approach to violence and bullying
  • Facilitating respect, valuing diversity, encouraging discussion and maintaining confidentiality
  • Awkward conversations with kids
  • Creating a caring and nurturing classroom and school
  • Conflict within the school community
  • Exploring feelings and emotions in the classroom.

Program Overview

Professional Development Training

STJ can provide tailored or in house training to your school or organisation. Please contact us by email or on phone 03-5434 4100

National Accreditation

Solving the Jigsaw runs a Facilitator Training course, which is linked to National Accreditation from the Community Services Training Package.

  • Facilitate the Counselling Relationship (CHCCSL503B)
  • Work with users of Violence to Effect Change (CHCDFV509D)
  • Plan and Conduct Group Activities (CHCGROUP403D)
  • Support Young People in Crisis (CHCYTH404E)
  • Provide Appropriate Services to Young People (CHCYTH506B)
  • Manage Service Responses to Young People in Crisis (CHCYTH608D)
  • Manage own Professional Development in Responding to Domestic and Family Violence (CHCDFV402C)

4. Customised Training

The Centre for Non-Violence can deliver violence prevention and wellbeing training for schools, work places and organisations. We would be pleased to discuss with you the development of a training program to suit your organisation’s needs and can be contacted at the Centre for Non-Violence on 03-5434 4100.